"Founded on the Gower for the purpose of partying, we are a 6 piece band mashing up our own unique and original sound.  We find traditional Eastern European, Gypsy and Celtic folk tunes and mashing them up into something a little bit different, changing the rhythms and writing all our own lyrics and arrangements. Our set has developed into a mixture of upbeat Ska and fusion dance tracks. Instruments include accordion, saxophone, clarinet, mandola, djembe, penny whistle, bass, guitar, drumkit percussion and vox.

Tunes come from Gypsy, Jewish and Celtic cultures, fom countries including Russia, Macedonia, Israel, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, France and Scotland.

Our influences include The Destroyers, Balkan Beatbox, Gogol Bordello, Al Jawala, The Balkanistas, Slonovski Bal  and The Specials, and we are grateful to all those tunes out there that have inspired us to play, translate, have fun with, and generally mashup in the tradition of folk music all over the world."

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