Respair marked their two year anniversary with a debut show at the 2023 EFG London Jazz Festival with the Cockpit Theatre's 'Jazz in the Round' programming, garnering many plaudits for their technical, emotional and atmospheric dexterity in the process. Come the new year, they kicked off 2024 with performances at London's Southbank Centre followed by shows at Soho's Pizza Express Jazz Club & the Rich Mix.

Respair draws on their diverse identities and influences to create grooving, arresting and haunting soundscapes. Centred around their love for jazz's rich, expressive vocabulary, their sound interweaves strands of poetry, hypnotic electronica and soul. The result is a voice that caresses and heals, delicately articulating the complex tapestry of emotions and intersectional experiences that we humans navigate in life. They proudly seek to represent and dignify the voices of their community - specifically racial, sexuality and religious minorities.

Through their music, Respair hope listeners find spiritual tones that soothe and comfort; a safe space to co-exist with vulnerability and loss; and above all, the feeling of love, community and being held. 

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