Aloka is a DJ, producer and label owner outta West Wales. Taking up the electro scene worldwide, the artist’s pastiche for gritty electro mixed with innovative breaks, UK-inspired techno and more, finds the DJ an internationally recognised name.

Launching Typeless Records in 2019 with a string of solo releases, compilations and artist EPs, Aloka in the 2020s has surfaced as a playful moderator with a futuristic, experimental streak. With 808 drum machines, hyper-colour synths and rave motifs gracing his sets, so does the artist’s stream of unreleased beats, peak time hits and referential classics, to modern day club jams and new age electro.

In recent years, Aloka’s own razor-sharp productions, lucid grooves and high-tech rhythms have graced all manner of guest mixes, recordings and podcasts the world over, with some huge support coming through tracks lifted from his Still City Dance Discs, Haŵs and Typeless releases.

A skilled DJ behind the decks with loops, subtle cuts and timely drops for days, he’s headlined tours in Australia & New Zealand to holding it down large with his kinfolk around Europe and the UK. With the artist’s own sets online to be found at HÖR Berlin, Boiler Room and Rinse FM, Aloka is a diffuse talent taking dancefloors by storm.

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